June 23, 2007

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On the move

June 15, 2007

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Tinyplanet has packed its bags and its moving to a new domain. Come and visit at

Big Brother is watching…

June 11, 2007

The local government in Terengganu state, Malaysia, recently installed 16 CCTV cameras in a bid to improve security. However, they have a secondary use: spying on employees.

Surprisingly, state secretary Mokhtar Nong confirmed this to a local newspaper, saying the system would keep tabs on the 1,000 or so workers in the government’s administrative complex.

“We would know if they are adhering to office etiquette or playing truant, and we can also gauge if they are disciplined at work,” said Mokhtar, who will have access to the tapes.

There are plans to set up another 26 cameras in the near future.

What made me laugh about the story were the following passages, as scribed by Associated Press:

Officials and workers interviewed by the newspaper praised the measure.

State Communications Unit deputy director Ruslan Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying the decision was “a brilliant idea,” stressing that workers should “accept the move in a positive manner as this will actually encourage them to excel further.”

Abdul Mubin Ismail, who works in the youth and sports department, told The Star that the move was “not to pinpoint our errors but to mold us into becoming more responsible.” He added that the surveillance could also curb office politics and sexual harassment.

I wonder if these individuals are angling for promotion?

I need this

June 7, 2007

I may not be autistic, but I think a few colleagues would like to get a hold of this little gadget when I’m at work… it will tell you if you’re being boring or irritating. God knows I seldom realise it until much later!

They mostly come at night…

June 3, 2007

You almost have to see it to believe it.

If you have the cash, time and expertise, has a tutorial on how to build an M41-A pulse rifle from the film Aliens. It’s such genius you have no choice but to check it out.


Personal Chavez

June 1, 2007

Venezuelan president and 21st century socialist Hugo Chavez apparently wants to launch his own range of PCs, which he would then distribute to his citizens.

Nothing has been finalised, although Venezuela has apparently been in touch with firms in Asia about the scheme.

Well, this is a man who wanted to seize golf courses in order to build homes for the poor

Holy crap

May 31, 2007

Dell’s quarterly earnings topped expectations but the company still plans to shed about 8,200 jobs — or 10% of its workforce.

Net income fell slightly but revenue was up E400 million. The company’s been slipping in recent years and has lost market share to Hewlett-Packard. But 10% of the labour force? They say desperate times call for desperate measures, but I didn’t think Michael Dell felt things were so bad. That said, the share price has shot up, so I guess I can’t really fault his business acumen…