June 23, 2007

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Thanks for your patience.



On the move

June 15, 2007

Dear reader,

Tinyplanet has packed its bags and its moving to a new domain. Come and visit at

Geek love mentality

June 12, 2007

It’s as if someone peered inside my mind!

Strange maps

June 12, 2007

Strange Maps is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs, largely because of my love of the unusual.

Check out the most recent post, a map of the US where each state is named for countries with a similar Gross Domestic Product.

Ireland equates with Nevada and is 21st in the list with a GDP of $203bn (E152bn).

I need this

June 7, 2007

I may not be autistic, but I think a few colleagues would like to get a hold of this little gadget when I’m at work… it will tell you if you’re being boring or irritating. God knows I seldom realise it until much later!


June 2, 2007

After such a serious post, some brevity is in order.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Spider-cat:

Personal Chavez

June 1, 2007

Venezuelan president and 21st century socialist Hugo Chavez apparently wants to launch his own range of PCs, which he would then distribute to his citizens.

Nothing has been finalised, although Venezuela has apparently been in touch with firms in Asia about the scheme.

Well, this is a man who wanted to seize golf courses in order to build homes for the poor