June 23, 2007

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On the move

June 15, 2007

Dear reader,

Tinyplanet has packed its bags and its moving to a new domain. Come and visit at

Chocolate guilt

June 12, 2007

Not only do chocoholics have to worry about their health and weight, now they have ethical reasons to fret.

According to Nina Brenjo of Alertnet, cocoa exports from the Ivory Coast are funding both the nation’s government and rebels.

Alright, it was Brenjo quoting the Financial Times. But her blog’s where I found the story.


June 1, 2007

Turns out the Dutch TV show featuring three people competing for a dying woman’s kidney was a hoax. The trio, who knew it was all an illusion, really do need a transplant but the programme was made to highlight the lack of organ donors (the “dying woman” was an actress).

Have I ever told you I hate reality television?

Scientist becomes science

May 31, 2007

The man who helped discover the molecular structure of DNA has become the first person to receive his own personal genome map. It apparently shows that James Watson, 79, has variances that are cancer-inducing.

While the procedure cost E750,000, the price will probably plummet to about E750 in the fullness of time. This may still sound pricey, but seeing as it could show what illness you are predisposed — thus allowing you to anticipate and potentially catch such conditions early — it may be worth every cent.

No indication on when it’ll become a common part of healthcare, but definitely something to keep an eye on.

Beverage of the gods

May 26, 2007

A while back I posted on the glory that is coffee, and how it can cut the risk of diabetes. But wait, there’s more!

Canadian researchers now say it can reduce the risk of gout. Now, gout may sound like an old-fashioned kind of ailment, but this article points out it affects about six million people in the US. What made me laugh is that for years people at risk of developing the painful joint condition — which is caused by uric build-up in the blood — were told to avoid coffee!

The study team found drinking four or five cups a day can cut the risk by 40%, while drinking up to six cups can make it 50-60%. Decaf seems to work just as well, while tea does feck all.

Unfortunately, study author Dr Hyon Choi says the drink isn’t a treatment, but adds there’s no need to cut down if you have the condition already.

Animals are people too

May 16, 2007

An orangutan in Malaysia is undergoing cataract surgery, in what is the first such operation on a great ape.

Aman, 19, went under the knife for just over two hours earlier today at a wildlife centre in Borneo. He’s expected to recover quite well but there’s no guarantee he’ll have perfect vision again. According to reports, such surgery has been carried out on animals like dogs but never on an orangutan.

Such a sweet little story.