Sweet Zombie Jesus

I’m not even going to attempt to rewrite this. Here it is in all its Reuters glory:

Reading mascot Kingsley — a giant lion who wears the club’s blue and white hooped shirt — was sent off by the referee in their Premier League match against Newcastle United on Monday because he was confusing him.

“I can see where the referee was getting confused, you know he does look like so many of my players,” manager Steve Coppell told Sky Sports with a grin.

The mascot’s dismissal from the side of the pitch before halftime did not appear to hurt the team’s luck as they still won 1-0.

It was unclear whether he would miss the next match through suspension.

Sometimes, guys and gals, I just don’t know what to think.

But while we’re on the subject of oddness, Mars is warming at a faster rate than our blue ball. The temperature has increased 0.5C since the 1970s and the planet may lose the carbon dioxide ice at its south pole if the heating continues.

Writing in the journal Nature, researcher Lori Fenton advances her theory that the Martian winds whip up vast dust storms, which trap heat and subsequently raise the planet’s temperature. She points to maps made of the surface during the Viking mission in the 1970s compared to those compiled by the Mars Global Surveyor. The recent images show more darker areas, which absorb heat and then leak it back into the atmosphere (light areas reflect heat back into space).


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